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What Is the Difference Between Seller Feedback and Product Reviews? | ADI Infosys

What Is the Difference Between Seller Feedback and Product Reviews?

Amazon Seller Feedback vs Amazon Product Reviews
For a great Amazon seller profile (and business) you’ll need both seller feedback and product reviews. So what’s the difference? Seller feedback and product reviews..

Amazon Seller Feedback

The seller feedback metric is used to measure customer service based on factors such as delivery, product condition on arrival, and communication. Using the five-star rating system, buyers can leave their feedback after purchase.

Amazon seller feedback scores between 95% and 100% indicate a fantastic buying experience. A high feedback score is visible on product listings and can reassure buyers of a seller’s integrity. What’s more, a higher feedback score mitigates the risk of account suspension. If your negative feedback rate reaches 25%, you risk account suspension

Pro Tip

Seller feedback is crucial to third-party (3P) resellers because 3P merchants compete with others who sell identical products.

Enhance Amazon Seller Feedback

Asking customers to leave you seller feedback is needed for retail arbitrage , but it is also an important component of all Amazon selling. Keep in mind that you should just request for truthful feedback, not good feedback. So, how do you ensure that the answer is still positive? Here are few suggestions:

  • Know where customer satisfaction rate stands by regularly checking your Amazon Account Health.
  • Respond to questions and address customer’s concerns.
  • Always communicate like a professional.
  • Ask Amazon to remove negative feedback when it is out of line with Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Buy Positive Seller Feedback from us.

Amazon Product Reviews

Since Amazon customers cannot directly see or touch a product, they rely on product reviews to make buying decisions. Furthermore, product reviews are critical to the Amazon ranking algorithm in organic search, particularly for newly released products.

Pro Tip

Remember that most shoppers believe that their purchases “come from Amazon,” which means that Amazon has a vested interest in presenting products that meet customer expectations.

Product reviews, good or bad, are very visible on the product detail page. When launching a product, the first five to ten reviews are imperative to the product’s visibility. They matter to organic ranking and they’re the first reviews a potential buyer sees, so if you get a negative review, be sure to resolve the issue immediately

Get More Product Reviews

If you’re interested in getting more product reviews, we’ve got a complete guide on the subject. Don’t have time for the 7-minute read? Here are the top tips:


  • Use Amazon’s automated review request email
  • Use Amazon’s Request a Review button
  • Join the Amazon Vine Program
  • Ask for reviews via product inserts
  • Get negative reviews that go against Amazon’s policies taken down.
  • Get Original Customer Verified Review From US.

Seller Feedback vs. Product Reviews: It Takes Both to Build An Amazon Business

There are two ways to get Amazon seller feedback and product reviews: waiting for them organically and asking for them. Unless you’re a high-volume seller, don’t expect to get seller feedback or product reviews without asking.

Or Just Message Us & Get Original Customer Verified Reviews (We Follow Amazon TOS For All Verified Reviews)

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