Get Ready For Travel Trends – Profitable Products You Must Need to Sell on Amazon

Profitable products to sell on amazon

COVID-19 had a negative influence on the entire travel sector, from airlines and hotels to e-commerce sites selling travel necessities — and every travel-related firm in between. The decline in tourism in 2020 resulted in a $147,245 million loss in income during a ten-month period in the United States alone, and a $935 billion loss in global tourist revenue globally.

Fortunately, the disastrous impact of COVID-19 on travel looks to be coming to an end, and the tourism sector is preparing for anticipated expansion. This is fantastic news for Amazon merchants who sell travel-related items! Continue reading to learn about current consumer emotions and travel preferences, as well as insights into the success of travel-related items on Amazon in Q3 2021.

U.S. travel statistics

According to the newest Consumer Trends Report from ADI INFOSYS, after more than a year of COVID-19-related travel limitations, many Americans are eager to travel again and are planning their 2021 vacations. 40% of US consumers have made travel plans for the rest of 2021, with another 34% indicating they haven’t made any arrangements yet. Only 26% said they have no plans to travel for the rest of 2021.

Amazon profitable products to sell in 2022

Travel has increased in importance as a part of consumers’ budgets in 2021, with one in four planning to spend more on travel or holidays this year than previous. The degree of comfort with which consumers travel is reflected in hotel and airline bookings in the United States. Hotel demand has virtually recovered to pre-pandemic levels: it is now just 4% lower than it was in August 2019. The daily number of travelers going through TSA checkpoints has grown by 130 percent since September 2020, although it remains 24 percent lower than the number of air travelers in September 2019.

Top-performing travel products include luggage and vaccination card protectors


Amazon seller blogs 2022

No matter where you’re going or how long you’ll be gone, you’ll almost certainly need to pack a luggage. Amazon is a popular location to buy baggage for travelers who either don’t have any or need a new set. Revenue on Amazon has grown by 141 percent throughout the luggage sector, including product listings for single bags and luggage sets with 2-4 pieces.

Packing cubes

Amazon seller blogs

Packing cubes are essential for travelers who want to keep organized! Amazon revenue in the packing cube category has grown by 151 percent, indicating that more people have found the beauty of a well-organized (and even color-coordinated) luggage.

Travel toiletry bags

Profitable products for amazon

Toiletry bags are used by both men and women to organize their toiletries and safeguard their luggage and clothing from nefarious personal care product explosions. Revenue on Amazon has grown by 228 percent in the travel toiletry bag category, which includes product listings ranging from tiny, one-pouch toiletry bags to full-size hanging organizers (perfect for long trips).

Travel power bank

Amazon best selling products

No one likes to be stuck in a new area without their phone or other digital gadget, so many travelers pack portable chargers to keep their electronics fully charged until they arrive at their destination. Amazon revenue has grown by 76% in the travel power bank category.

Vaccination card protector

Best selling product for covid

As more individuals receive their COVID-19 immunizations, demand for vaccination card protectors on Amazon has grown considerably, with revenue for these goods increasing 2,380 percent compared to Q3 2020.

Travel blow dryer

Best selling product for women amazon

Although many hotels provide a free blow dryer, many tourists prefer to carry their own (bring your own blow dryer). Revenue on Amazon has grown by 428 percent in the travel blow dryer category, which includes product listings for blow dryers that suit overseas outlets (eliminating the need for an international power adapter).

U.S. Travelers will prioritize safety for their 2021 vacations

Consumers tend to prioritize safety as a top travel priority, and it appears to be a major driver when it comes to destination, mode of transportation, and lodging.

More travelers will remain stateside than travel internationally


Among those planning travel for the remainder of 2021, 82% say they are planning to travel domestically versus 31% who will travel internationally (some will do both).

travel-report destination US

While 30% of would-be visitors say there is no special reason for their preference to travel locally rather than internationally, 29% say the major reason for domestic travel is because they feel more safer in the United States than in other countries. Other factors to consider include avoiding pandemic limitations and the higher costs connected with foreign travel.

travel-report reason-for-domestic-travel

Despite the fact that just 31% of consumers with vacation intentions would go internationally, Amazon has seen a rise in sales for foreign travel products such as passport accessories and international power adapters.

Passport covers

Passport covers Amazon

After a year of restrictions across several country borders, international travel is resuming, and individuals are dusting off their passports and purchasing passport covers in preparation for their first foreign trip post-COVID-19. Amazon’s revenue in the passport cover category has grown by 73%.

International travel adapter

International travel adapter amazon

Most foreign vacations would be incomplete without you purchased an international travel adapter to ensure that you can safely plug in and charge your gadgets. Amazon’s revenue in the international travel adaptor category has grown by 174 percent.

More travelers will opt for road trips than public modes of transportation

Many customers tend to prefer road journeys to other means of transportation, such as passenger planes and trains, in order to escape big crowds at travel hubs. For their 2021 travels, 60% of customers will travel by own vehicle, while 23% will hire a car. Consumers have been purchasing more road trip-related travel items on Amazon in tandem with the growth in road trip planning.

Travel medicine kit

Amazon best selling product

COVID-19 raised awareness on the significance of health and safety. It appears that more people are preferring easy access to medicine, as revenue in the travel medicine kit category on Amazon has increased by 816 percent.

Emergency car kit

Emergency car kit amazon

With safety in mind, anybody considering a road trip should be prepared for emergencies and carry a car safety kit with basics like jumper cables, flare guns, flashlights, and tools. Consumers appear to be taking these factors into account, as revenue in the emergency vehicle kit category on Amazon has increased by 15%.

Car phone charger

Car phone charger

Unless you want to guide yourself to your destination using a paper map, you will almost certainly require a dependable vehicle charger to provide continual access to the map app of your choice. Amazon revenue in the automotive phone charger category has grown by 4%, including listings for cigarette lighter converters and phone mounts with chargers.

Road atlas

Road atlas amazon

Oh, they still use paper maps for road journeys… Many people may be surprised to learn that Amazon’s income in the road atlas category has grown by 495 percent 

Travelers feel more comfortable with air travel in 2021 than in 2020

The COVID-19 epidemic prompted substantial adjustments in airline schedules and operations, resulting in reduced air travel. In 2019, there were 4.5 billion airline passengers worldwide; a 60% reduction in 2020 resulted in only 1.8 billion passengers. Despite being lower than in 2019, the overall number of aviation passengers in June 2021 is 304 percent greater than in June 2020.

As individuals regain confidence in air travel, 52 percent of customers say they want to fly to their holiday destinations in the coming months. Travel items typically utilized for air travel, such as travel accessories and personal care products, have also seen an increase in revenue.

Luggage scale

Luggage scale

Regardless of whatever airline you choose, you must comply to luggage weight limitations (or pay a fee if you do not). If you don’t have a bathroom scale, a baggage scale is a necessity for air travel. Revenue on Amazon in the luggage scale category has grown by 219 percent, leading us to believe that airline customers have had enough of paying overweight baggage penalties!

Luggage tags

Luggage tags

Many tourists buy baggage tags before their journey to avoid misplaced luggage or the usual error of bringing home the incorrect suitcase. Amazon revenue in the baggage tag category has grown by 182 percent.

Travel size toiletries

Travel size toiletries

No one likes to be stopped at TSA and have their beauty products thrown in the trash can because they are larger than 3.4 oz, so if you intend to fly to your next vacation, travel-size toiletries are a must. Revenue on Amazon has risen by 95% in the travel-size toiletries category, which includes product listings that provide TSA-approved empty bottles (to fill with your own liquids) and toiletry sets that come prefilled with personal care goods like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Some travelers will take to the sea for their next vacation

After more than a year of cruise ships being stranded at ports and an estimated $32 billion revenue loss for the industry as a whole, vacationers have been eager to go back on the high seas. That ambition became a reality in July 2021. With luxury liners resuming service, 17% of customers say they intend to travel by boat or cruise ship for their next holidays. Revenue for travel items widely used on boats and cruise ships on Amazon has grown as a result of this shift.

Sea sickness relief

Screenshot 1

 Revenue across the seasickness relief category on Amazon has increased by 82%, including product listings for OTC medicines such as Dramamine and motion relief patches, and homeopathic remedies such as Sea-Bands and ginger chews.

Cruise lanyards

Cruise lanyards

Revenue across the cruise lanyard category on Amazon has increased by 14%.

The majority of travelers plan to spend less on lodging for their 2021 vacations

When it comes to lodging, many travelers plan to save money by choosing lower-cost lodging options.

  • 38% will stay at a family member or friend’s house (which could cost nothing)
  • 32% will choose mid-level budget hotels or motels, and 26% will save even more on budget or value hotels and motels
  • 17% will choose to stay in a hostel
  • Fewer than one-third (31%) will spring for luxury accommodations
  • 19% will stay in an RV or camper 
travel report accommodations

Bulk hotel toiletries

Bulk hotel toiletries

Revenue across the bulk hotel toiletries category on Amazon has increased by 142%, including product listings that offer amenities such as sewing kits, nail files, and razors.

Bulk hospitality towels

Bulk hospitality towels

Revenue across the bulk hospitality towels category on Amazon has increased by 59%, including product listings for pool towels and bath towels.

RV supplies

RV supplies

Revenue across the RV supplies category on Amazon has increased by 46%, including product listings for commonly used RV supplies such as organization caddies, tarps, and RV showerheads.

Camping accessories

Camping accessories

Revenue across the camping supplies category on Amazon, which includes the products listed above, has increased by 33%.

More travel means new opportunities for ecommerce

More flights, hotel stays, and rental vehicles will be booked in 2021 as individuals get more comfortable with traveling, and customers will undoubtedly acquire new vacation essentials. Travel-related items on Amazon have already witnessed a large increase in income and unit sales, so if you operate an e-commerce firm that sells travel necessities, stock up now!

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