What are Lightning Deals on Amazon – All Your Questions Answered

ADI INFOSYS | Spetember 04, 2021

Lightening Deals on Amazon

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon has set the standard very high with two-day shipping and almost unlimited availability of products, sellers, and vendors.

If you’ve been selling on Amazon for a while, you’re probably aware that being competitive isn’t enough. Using Amazon Lightning Deals is one method to attract your audience. They are limited-time promotional deals on Amazon. They typically last 4-6 hours on the Amazon Deals page. If you offer a Lightning Deal for your product, you have the potential to significantly increase your sales.

We’ll cover all you need to know about Amazon Lightning Deals, including if they’re worth the investment.

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What are Lightening Deals on Amazon ?

Discounts and promotions are an excellent method to boost your rankings and sales on Amazon. Amazon Lightning Deals are your most powerful ally in that fight. Additionally, they are a simple method to decrease your inventory. These are limited-time promotions that merchants conduct in order to pique consumers’ attention and generate sales. Additionally, Amazon Lightning Deals are an excellent value for consumers.

The items under these promotions are usually featured on ‘Today’s deals page.’ During Amazon Prime Day deals, these offers are exclusive to Prime members.

Customers may discover discounts and lightning deals across a variety of categories, including electronics, apparel, home appliances, and beauty goods.

How to win Amazon lightening deals

How to create an Amazon Lightning Deal

To begin creating a Lightning Deal, click on the ‘Create Deals’ button to review the qualifying products. It’s accessible via the Amazon Seller Central dashboard. After clicking, you’ll see the available specials.

Here are the simple steps to create a Lightning Deal:

  • Select an eligible item from your inventory
  • Select the date range for your Lighting Deal based on the options
  • Give a discount or a deal price per unit and quantity
  • Review the details and click ‘Submit Deal’

Amazon will set the deal’s maximum price, minimum discount, and minimum quantity.

If you are unable to locate items eligible for Lightning Deals, you must first determine if you satisfy the eligibility requirements.

Are you eligible to create a Lightning Deal on Amazon?

Amazon Lightning Deals are usually available to the majority of sellers. Certain categories, such as alcohol, may be excluded from Lightning Deals. Additionally, used products are excluded from the deals.

There are some criteria that need to be met to be eligible. Sellers must:

  • Be a Professional seller, not an individual seller
  • Have an overall seller rating of at least 3.5 stars
  • Generate five seller feedback per month

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Along with the aforementioned criteria, you must verify that no two campaigns for the same product overlap.

You cannot apply for the offers if you do not fulfill the requirements. Additionally, if Amazon rejects your Lightning Deal, one possible explanation is that your inventory threshold is too low. Occasionally, Amazon increases the minimum amount required for a product, in which case you must modify your quantities appropriately.

Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deals

Additional terms and restrictions apply to Prime Day Lightning Deals. For instance, the offer you make must be the lowest price on the market since the start of the year. Amazon often accepts proposals for Prime Day deals between March and April. You may submit them in the Lightning Deals area under ‘Prime Day Window.’

For merchants, shopping occasions such as Prime Day and Black Friday are very competitive. As a result, you’ll want to provide a higher discount in order to boost your product’s placement and exposure on Amazon and attract customers.

Lightning Deals vs. 7-day deals

Due of their prominent placement on the deals page, Amazon Lightning Specials are typically more successful than 7-day deals. Additionally, compared to 7-day discounts, Lightning Deals instill a feeling of urgency among consumers. To determine which kind of offer works best for your goods, you may test both types of discounts on the same product at various times and dates.

Does Amazon charge for the Lightning Deals?

Yes, Amazon charges a fee once a Lightning Deal is successfully submitted. ‘Date range’ is a frequently used element in determining the price for your Deal.

To see detailed information about your fees, go to Seller Central > Reports > Payments > Transaction View > Service Fees.

For more details, see this page on Amazon Seller Central.

Bear in mind that being featured on Lightning Deal does not ensure that the listing will do well. Regardless of whether your transaction is successful or not, Amazon charges you. However, if you or Amazon cancel the offer before to its planned start time, Amazon will not charge you.

Benefits of creating Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon’s Lightning Deals page is one of the most popular on the site. The concept behind Lightning Deals is to provide micro-windows for consumers to discover steals on goods they wish to purchase.

Using Lightning Deals can:

  • Increase your sales
  • Reduce inventory quickly
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Grow your listing’s traffic

Besides, if you’re selling a new product, Amazon Lightning Deals can be used as part of your SEO and launch strategy to improve your organic ranking and sales.


When is it OK to skip the Lightning Deals?

When eligible, Amazon Lightning Deals are a must-try for all of the reasons stated before. However, the primary reason for passing on these offers is the associated expense. Because you must pay an extra charge to have your goods included in offers, this may or may not be financially viable for your margins. You must determine whether Amazon Lightning Deals are worth your investment based on the product selling price and the cost of creating deals.

Another cause may be inventory. When you create a Lightning Deal for your product, you must anticipate a spike in sales volume. If you have difficulty completing orders, this may have a negative impact on your Amazon seller rating and inventory. If you’re not prepared to deal with the surge in sales, the Amazon Lightning Deal may not be the ideal choice for you.

Are Lightning Deals worth it?

Creating a Lightning Deal on Amazon increases the visibility of the product you advertised.


Few reasons why the Lightning Deals increase visibility are:

  • The deals are placed under a separate page
  • The Lightning Deal label enhances the visibility of the product under the deal

Lightning Deals help you increase your sales. However, it will eat into your profit margins. Additionally, these offers are affected by the time and day on which the Lightning Deal is created. On the other side, you have little control over the campaign’s success.

Additionally, you must choose goods for such campaigns with care. Not every product qualifies for the Lightning Deals. In general, the 80/20 rule would be a better approach to select goods – choose 20% of your portfolio’s products that generate 80% of your revenue.

Finally, you can monitor performance in the Seller Central’s ‘Manage Deals’ section.

Need Help To Create Amazon Lightening Deals ?

Without using Lightning Deals, one may be successful on Amazon. However, it is an excellent method of increasing your sales velocity. While Lightning Deals may help some businesses gain new consumers, they can also be a costly mistake for others. Therefore, plan your deals carefully and make the most of these promotions. We hope you found this article to be informative.

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