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How to Sell in Walmart.com, Get Approval, and Become a Walmart Seller | ADI Infosys

How to Sell in Walmart.com, Get Approval, and Become a Walmart Seller

How to sell in Walmart

Walmart.com has traditionally been selective about who they let sell on their site. Their complicated application process and strict criteria have proven to be a significant barrier for many e-commerce businesses. This has stopped a substantial number of sellers from jumping on a fantastic opportunity.

However, if you are already an established Amazon seller, moving to Walmart.com has never been simpler. Being a well-established e-commerce seller gives you an advantage during the Walmart.com approval process since it demonstrates that you meet all of the requirements for selling to Walmart consumers as well. Continue browsing for learning on how to apply for and get approved as a Walmart.com seller.

Apply to Sell on Walmart.com

It takes just a few moments to apply to become a seller on Walmart.com. The following things are required for your seller application:

  •  US Business Tax Id. (SSN not accepted)

  • W9 or W8 and EIN Verification Letter from the Department of Treasury that verifies your US business address or place of physical operations. (You will need to attach this as a PDF)
Sell in Walmart
  • United States business address or place of physical operations.
How to sell in Walmart


  • Primary product categories, catalog size, and related information (e.g. total number of SKUs you will be selling on Walmart.com, monthly revenue, used vs refurbished, etc.)
how to sell in Walmart
  • A list of marketplaces where you currently sell, along with direct links to your products and stores.


Become a Walmart seller
  • An explanation of why you are a good fit for the Walmart.com Marketplace.
Get approval for Walmart seller

Before proceeding to the next stage in the application, you must fill out each section and submit all necessary papers. That is why you should ensure that you have everything ready before you begin since you cannot skip forward or save your work as a draft.

Once your application is submitted, the verification procedure typically takes no more than a few weeks. To check the progress of your application after you’ve submitted it, visit this page and enter your information to get an update.

You will get instant notification on the status of your application. You may check it as often as you want while waiting for a response from Walmart.com. When your application is accepted, you will get an email, therefore monitoring your status usually is not required.

Requirements to Sell on Walmart.com

The Walmart.com Marketplace is committed to providing a pleasant shopping experience to all consumers. Walmart.com’s best strategy for ensuring that all consumers get the highest quality service is to accept only experienced e-commerce merchants with verifiable performance metrics on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay that demonstrate they are already the first-class seller.

Walmart.com searches for trustworthy sellers and brands that offer the following:

  • Superior Customer Service: Walmart will consider seller performance ratings and reviews, as well as specific product reviews on other marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify, in order to determine whether your brand is a suitable match for their platform. Prior to applying, ensure that your reviews are stellar and that you have shown a commitment to customer service.

  • A Unique Product Assortment: Walmart is just looking for businesses that give their consumers a unique product selection. What is the bottom line? You must sell goods that Walmart wants to sell. They are not interested in seeing clones of the same interests, so make yours stand out.

  • Competitive Pricing: Walmart has long placed a premium on offering its consumers the most excellent available price on goods, and as such, they want to collaborate with companies who provide similarly low pricing.

  • Fast and Reliable Fulfillment: Efficient shipping methods are inextricably linked to delivering an exceptional level of customer care. Today’s customers expect quick and dependable delivery, and Walmart wants to ensure that you can fulfill those expectations and needs. If you lack reliable and fast delivery alternatives, you may collaborate with businesses such as Deliverr.com to streamline your shipping operations. Before applying, ensure that you fulfill this criterion.

By and large, Amazon merchants understand the critical nature of this degree of customer care and fulfill these requirements. This significantly simplifies the process of being approved to sell on Walmart.com.

What Happens if I Don’t Hear Back from Walmart.com?

In some rare instances, you may not hear back from Walmart.com about your application for many weeks or even months. For example, if Walmart.com rejects a seller’s first application, the seller may not get a response to a subsequent application. When you reapply after being denied, the system flags your application as a duplicate, and you will not get a response.

If this occurs, please visit sellerhelp.walmart.com, select “support,” then “Password or Other Access Issue,” and finally “other access issue.” At this point, you may create an email ticket.

Once you’ve opened your ticket, you’ll want to provide as much data as possible about your problem so that support can help you effectively. Provide as much detailed information as possible to enable assistance to link your current application to any previous ones. You’ll want to include your name, company name, and address in your message, as well as a clear explanation of the purpose of your contact with them.

Inform them that you previously applied and were denied but that you have met all criteria and would want to ensure that your current application is considered. The more information you submit, the more likely your application will be sent to the appropriate department to evaluate your eligibility to sell on Walmart.com.

Can International Sellers Apply to Sell on Walmart.com?

International Sellers are not currently allowed on Walmart.com (with one exception). Only multinational sellers are eligible to become sellers on Walmart.com. This implies that walmart.com now has a physical presence in the United States, from which it can offer customer support, shipping, and return services to consumers. Additionally, the company must have a W9 form and be registered to pay taxes in the United States.


If you are an existing Amazon seller who fits all of the requirements above, now is the ideal moment to begin selling on Walmart.com due to the abundance of opportunities. Therefore, if you’re ready to grow your company and have a presence in the United States, Walmart.com should be on your expansion roadmap.

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