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Amazon Customer Verified Review

Amazon Verified review

Get 3 Benefits From One Service

You DOMINATE the marketplace by getting more reviews for your product and appearing organically on top of Amazon search results (so you’re more credible, visible and sell more).

But most sellers don’t know how to achieve that.

That’s where you can easily gain ADVANTAGE over your competition and create a profitable and sustainable business.

We’re the new, most cost-effective method to

  • Boost your product to top of search results.
  • Get you safe reviews.
  • Triple your daily profit thanks to daily organic sales.
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Amazon Verified reviews

New Smarter Way To Get Verified Reviews While Getting Ranked On Amazon

We Triple Your Daily Sales By Ranking Your Product On Top Of 1st Page On Amazon And Getting You High Quality, Verified And Safe Reviews. At 10% Of The Typical Cost.

With millions of products and sellers on Amazon, waiting for orders and making your first few sales are always the hardest. Do you want a good kick start? Get Amazon reviews (verified) to increase the credibility of your brand and popularity of the products you sell on Amazon !


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Frequently Asked Questions

Exclusive Features

All customer reviews you will get from real people. We don’t post reviews ourselves. We will send you the customer’s profile screenshot before you place the order.

ADI Infosys endorses ethical exchange of reviews. We encourage our reviewers to only choose the product they are genuinely interested in using and is most likely to leave a positive review.
No bots, no fake Amazon reviews (verified)! We guarantee all Amazon reviews (verified) from ADI Infosys are 100% genuine from real people.

Yes, you can give us special links or custom URL to purchase the product.

You can use Bitly super URl

or the best one is amzscout super URL Click here

Also another available super URL creator is 

For amazon verified review super URL crating is not mandatory, if your product is new & you want to use any focused keywords then you can use Super URL

We have NO LIMITS to how many Amazon verified reviews you can get at once. You can go with 1 keyword or with 100 – the choice is yours. Most of our clients order reviews much more each month, but if you want to test drive our service with a first smaller project- feel free to. We want to gain your TRUST and be your go-to solution long term.

we take several measures to make sure your product is safe and secure with us.

Firstly, all our reviewers are going through a vetting process. We make sure these are not facebook group type reviewers.

In the end, our method is about regular Amazon US customers buying your product among other things, full price. We don’t incentivize or force reviews. It’s all a normal process.

We’ve never had a client product suspended in our whole history. But always bear in mind that anything that is done outside of Amazon is theoretically against their TOS, just as 95% of product pictures and titles are.

You can see all the latest success stories on our Facebook Page.

The purchases are being made within 24-72 hours after you place the order (we’re using a full price purchases, Search-Found-Buy technique with a bit of secret sauce to maximize effects), depending on our algorithm, to maximize security and to make sure your products reviews will never get deleted.

The reviews are coming in within the next 10-14 days, as our reviewers do test your product before posting reviews. The reviews are stretched in time, so they’re not posted all on 1 day and no amazon alert is activated.

We can provide you photo/video reviews.
You also have option to use or recommend your own text & title for the reviews.

Yes, You can add as much products as you want.


Yes, we can get any product back to being the leader for the keyword. We’re great for products that are brand new and have 0 reviews, and also old products that have been stagnant for a while. You got some negative reviews you want to combat – we’re a great service for that as well.

We’re offering a UNIQUE service. Not only that you’ll get Amazon verified reviews for your product, but also we will help you rank for your keyword to Top Page 1, which will result in daily organic sales, which will greatly increase your conversions, ACOS, credibility. All making you a leader in your niche.

If you’re interested in selling on Amazon long term and you want to make it your business, double or TRIPLE your daily profits, we’re offering you the fastest, smartest and safest solution to get there.

We’re the new, SMARTER way to get amazon verified reviews. But we’re also the most cost-effective solution on the market. We charge you per review unit, not an overpriced general fee. You need to cover your product cost + service fee per unit only. Do you have a better, safe solution to get BOTH Reviews and Rankings?

Usually per Amazon verified reviews fee starts from $7.99

Amazon Verified Reviews

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