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Benefits of Amazon seller feedback | ADI Infosys

Benefits of Amazon seller feedback

Benefits Of Amazon Seller Feedback

What is Amazon Seller Feedback?

Amazon seller feedback is widely discussed and largely misunderstood by sellers. Only a few sellers are sure about how it works and how they can pursue buyers to get good seller feedback. Amazon introduced this seller feedback system for buyers to identify trustworthy sellers. It aims to provide a delightful customer experience to its customers. Amazon seller feedback system monitors and evaluates sellers performance regularly. A customer can quickly identify good and bad sellers, depending on this rating system.

Often confused with Amazon seller rating, let us decode what exactly is Amazon seller feedback. While the former is a metric that measures your worth and success on Amazon, the latter is what we are going to discuss in this post. Let’s dive right in.

Benefits of Amazon seller feedback

Improving and tracking your seller feedback is the key to stand ahead in the competition. It can become challenging with the number of sellers growing exponentially on Amazon.

Smart sellers take seller feedback seriously. And here are the reasons:

We came up with the advantages of having good seller feedback to help you understand better.

Improve your Amazon SEO

Though Amazon never gives out its A9 algorithm details, it is clear that having good seller feedback influences your product ranking on Amazon. If you improve and maintain good feedback, the chances are likely that your product SERP improves significantly. This enables you to reach more customers and increase your sales.

Increase your chances to win Buy Box

Winning Buy Box increases the chance of winning a sale to a large extent. Every seller and vendor aims to capture the Buy Box. There are many ways to win a Buy Box. Having excellent customer metrics is one of them. As mentioned, Amazon wants to create an exceptional buying experience for its customers. Therefore, having good seller feedback implies that you are providing excellent customer experience, which ultimately improves your chances to win Buy Box.

Besides, we have other metrics such as account health, positive reviews, reviews received during a specific time. All these take part in improving your chances of winning the Buy Box. 

Amazon penalizes sellers with poor seller feedback

Amazon regularly uses seller feedback to re-evaluate your performance. Poor seller feedback has enough chances to put you out of the competition. Amazon aims to ensure a superior consumer experience. 1 or 2 stars rating depicts bad customer experience.

Certain parameters affect your seller feedback, such as order defect rate, refund rate, perfect order percentage, and other factors. If you don’t keep track of these metrics, then Amazon will most likely suspend or take action on your seller privileges. Therefore, maintaining good seller feedback ensures you to stay ahead of the competition.

Get eligibility for Seller Central coupons

Back in 2017, Amazon introduced seller central coupons to help wholesalers and retailers to increase their sales on Amazon. Besides, there are other ways for sellers to boost their sales like discount codes, free shipping, giveaways, buy one, get one, and others.

However, the other opportunities are not as visible as Amazon seller central coupons. These seller central coupons have a dedicated page on Amazon and appear on the Gold box page, Amazon search results page, and product details page. Besides, sellers who are not brand-registered have access to them. However, you need to be a professional seller with a good seller feedback rating. Once you are eligible, you get to enjoy the benefits such as better visibility and, thereby, more sales.

Product reviews vs. Seller Feedback

As an Amazon seller, you might be knowing that both product reviews and seller feedback adds value to your business. But most of the sellers don’t know the difference between them. At times, even your buyer gets confused with them. You can find the product reviews on the product details page on Amazon.

If you know the difference between product reviews and seller feedback, it’s excellent! If not, look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Seller Feedback

  • It helps buyers to decide whether or not to purchase a product from the seller by using your average feedback score ratings.
  • Influences a seller’s ability to win the Buy Box.
  • Your customers’ experience and the service you provide to them matters.
  • Product packaging and shipping time plays a major role.
  • It’s all about your performance.

Product Reviews

  • These are the ratings and reviews provided for a product you sold.
  • It has nothing to do with your shipping and seller performance.
  • Social proof for the customers to see how your product performs.
  • Product performance and optimizing the listing to match your product is important.
  • It’s all about your product performance.

Final Thoughts

Having a higher seller feedback is essential to your e-commerce business. Feedback is a proof to draw more potential buyers to your listings and it helps you to succeed on Amazon. The ultimate way to get good seller feedback is to ace your fulfillment game and provide customer delight. However, there is a limit to what you can do to control customers’ feedback to your product or service. But you need to ensure that you explore all the opportunities and improve your customer satisfaction.


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