Amazon Outage Over The Past 24 Hours

Amazon Outage

Both the seller and the customer suffer significant losses as a result of the Amazon outage.

The Amazon outage is causing substantial issues for websites and apps all over the internet.

Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud computing division, experienced a massive outage on Tuesday, preventing thousands of customers from accessing large areas of the internet, including a wide range of apps.

According to the firm, the outage, which continues to cause delayed loading or access difficulties, occurred at 11 a.m. ET and appears to have been mostly centered around the East Coast.

“We are experiencing impact to multiple [Amazon Web Services] APIs [application programming interfaces] in the US-EAST-1 Region,” Amazon noted in a post roughly an hour after the problems were discovered, adding that the underlying cause has been found and the business is “actively working towards recovery.”

An update states that there are some signs of progress, but there is no timeline for full recovery.

AWS is a cloud computing service that allows businesses to rent computing, storage, and network capabilities, which is why the outage has disrupted or impeded access to a wide range of websites and apps across the internet.

Users experienced difficulties logging in to not just Amazon’s products (, Prime Video, Alexa AI, and Kindle), but also Netflix, Venmo, Disney+, Ring, Roku, Duolingo, Chime, and Fidelity Investments.

Outage hits Amazon during busy season as some workers celebrate

The “Amazon Delivery Driver Venting and Troubleshooting Group” on Facebook has around 9,000 members.

“I’m not working today, but [my warehouse in Idaho] is eating s**t,” one member of the group commented.

More than 200 people commented on a Facebook post commemorating the outage.

“Looks like we’re getting paid to sit on the clock, which is OK with me,” another user said.

Flex is the program used by Amazon delivery drivers to select their routes, and while outages sometimes occur, they are normally brief and do not persist for hours like they did on Tuesday, according to Motherboard.

As consumers purchase gifts for the holidays, the disruption has occurred during one of Amazon’s busiest periods.

Outage reports decrease as company reports ‘signs of recovery’

Shortly after 11am on Tuesday, AWS saw more than 11,000 reports of outages, a figure that had decreased to below 5,000 reports after 1pm, according to Down Detector.

Just before noon, almost 27,000 outage reports were submitted concerning Amazon. Around 1.30pm, that number had decreased to just over 11,000 reports.

AWS has said that they are seeing “signs of recovery”.

Few Peoples Comments Attached in screenshot 

Amazon outage
Amazon outage 2021
amazon outage today

Sellers Are Not Getting Orders for Amazon Outage !

Customers are not able to place orders because of amazon outage

amazon outage Tuesday

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