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How To Deal With Amazon Listings Hijacking ? | ADI Infosys

Best Ways To Deal With Amazon Listings Hijacking from Competitors

ADI INFOSYS | October 01, 2021

Amazon Listings Hijacking

There’s a new blackhat tactic spreading like wildfire: Amazon Listing Hijacking. And just because you haven’t had any hijacked listings doesn’t mean you won’t.

Hijackers come in a number of different forms. Some people are selling fake or counterfeit copies of your listed product using your listing information.

They could take over Amazon listing after listing with little regard for the consequences. Others are selling a different product but have chosen to use your listing since it is more easy for them to list.

They will be able to get product sales in this manner, even if the items are not identical to the listing. And there are some who may simply have obtained a similar product and decided to take advantage of your efforts to obtain the buy box and resell it for a lesser price in order to profit.

If your listing got hijacked, Please fell free to contact us 

How Does Amazon Product Hijacking Affect Your Product Listings?

Any of these circumstances will harm your listing. You have worked hard to create successful listings, but anybody may easily sell the same products by following your listings and stealing your customers.

They will have an influence on your sales, and if someone else gets the buyer box, your sales levels may suffer significantly.


Furthermore, if consumers mistakenly purchase an inferior product from another seller believing they are purchasing from you, they may write a nasty review against your listing.


Consider how you may utilize Amazon brand protection because you have worked hard to make your listing perfect and you should not allow others to take advantage of this to sell their items.

The most often used approach by new sellers seeking a good return on investment on Amazon is to search for products that may sell for treble what they paid for them.

Best Ways to Reduce Your Chances of Being hijacked

Amazon Brand Registry

The Amazon Brand Registry allows you to register a unique model number and production number for each product ASIN.

You will need Amazon’s clearance to accomplish this, and you will be able to chat with Amazon listing assistance to clarify what you need do.

You can enter the information into the Seller Central management panel or contact an Amazon representative for assistance.

This is especially important if you are a product manufacturer, the owner of a private label seeking Amazon brand protection, the producer of your own branded products, a person creating specialized customized or hand-made products, or a licensed distributor of a product with sole distribution rights for Amazon.

By registering your product on the Amazon Brand Registry, you also prohibit anyone from making modifications to your product listing.

Differentiate your product or packaging

If you’ve established yourself, created a very successful listing that generates sales, and want to secure some security, try branding your items.

By distinguishing your product or the package it arrives in, you make it far more difficult for someone to hijack your listing. Consider trademarking your logo if you create one.

As part of their production process, the manufacturer may be ready to assist you with putting your logo to the product or packaging. It may also be a component of your long-term business growth plan.

Printing your UPC code inconspicuously on your product and including it on the packaging ensures that anyone getting your product is obtaining a genuine item.

Create a website with your brand name in the URL

If you are satisfied with your brand name, logo, and packaging, you should consider creating a website for your business. The brand name might be included in the URL.

Of course, it may be a more effective strategy to confirm that the domain is accessible as part of the process of selecting a business name.

You increase your market visibility by having your brand name on the Internet, making it easier for consumers to locate you.

You may next use your best sales language to create a listing of the items on your website. You may first attach it to your Amazon listing, but if you are successful, there may be a future chance to adopt an alternative method to running your business.

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging

Amazon launched an attempt to minimize the amount of packaging used on products. The goal was to decrease the degree of aggravation that a consumer could feel when they get an over-packaged goods.

It is clearly critical to guarantee that products arrive in good condition, but it is also critical not to overdo the packaging. You may become a certified FFP seller, and your product will be labeled as such.

By printing the UPC number for your product on the packaging, you may create another degree of complication for a would-be hijacker.

Take screenshots of your Amazon listing page

Take a screenshot of your completed or updated Amazon listing page. If you need help with your listing, contact Amazon listing support. 

Or contact us.

It is critical to check that your listing is not being altered by someone who is not allowed to do so. You may then modify the listing back to its original form if necessary.

Your listing is copyrighted content, and permission must be obtained before it may be used or altered in any manner.

If you need to contact Amazon, having screenshots of the original listing with appropriate dates will show that you were the originator of the listing.

Join Amazon listing hijack prevention programs

Are you still concerned about the hijacker? Amazon has created two initiatives to assist merchants in avoiding being hijacked! Examine them out:

Amazon Exclusives enables vendors to become direct partners with Amazon by selling their products exclusively for Amazon’s usage. That implies you can only sell your products on Amazon marketplaces or on your own website.

Amazon Exclusives merchants benefit from increased security against counterfeit sellers since the limited distribution allows sellers to detect unlawful behavior fast.

Furthermore, it is in Amazon’s best interests to assist exclusive sellers in combating illegal selling, thus it is often aggressive in assisting merchants in removing any breaches or violations.

You may adjust the source budgets as necessary to make them work for your particular circumstances. Simply redo the calculation. While this is somewhat speculative, I think there is actual benefit in examining the preceding scenario when determining the necessary ROI for product sourcing.

Now, a few observations on the preceding instances.

To begin, if you reach a point where you are happy with your earnings and hours worked, you should never contemplate lowering your ROI in order to raise your income.

”Powered by Amazon’s machine learning, automatic safeguards continually monitor our shops and proactively eliminate suspected counterfeits,” Amazon said of the initiative.

Brands are no longer required to contact us in order for us to remove counterfeit listings from our stores. Instead, customers now have the unparalleled power to do so themselves, thanks to our new self-service platform.

It implies you have the same power as Amazon! You have the ability to remove or delete any bogus listings that are selling under your listings!

To be accepted into the Project Zero program, you must first:

  1. Enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry with a government-registered trademark already.
  2. Have your own trademark.
  3. Have submitted reports of potential infringements with an acceptance rate of at least 90% in the last six months.

Do a Test Buy

A test buy means that you act as a buyer to purchase an item from the competitor, and then report to Amazon that the item you received is fake. Then Amazon will help you remove the fake listing.


After you receive your test buy item, make sure to take a lot of pictures of the item in every angle, find the differences (colors, packages, sizes) between your item and competitor’s, then report to Amazon with the proof.

In order to get your case resolved faster by Amazon support team, you need to submit detailed info to Amazon including:

  1. Your order ID and competitor’s seller ID
  2. The ASIN/ISBN of the item in listing detail page
  3. Product title on Amazon
  4. The store or business name of the seller you are reporting
  5. A concise reason for the violation

Monitor Your Listing with Listing Hijack Alert Tools

It may be time-consuming to monitor your postings 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, if you detect the hijacker too late, you may lose sales or Buybox. As a result, listing monitor tools will assist you in keeping an eye on your listing and notifying you when necessary.

These are some of the monitor tools examples that track your listings hijackers and notify your to respond in time:

Helium-10, AMZ Alerts, AMZ trackers etc..


How to Respond to Amazon Listing Hijacking?

Contacting the Hijackers

You must use your Amazon seller account information to send a stop and desist letter to the merchant. You must state unequivocally that you are aware of what they are doing and that they must stop.

You may find examples of them by conducting an online search. The letter must be properly drafted and explicitly explain that you will take action against their account until they halt their conduct.

You must urge that they produce documentation that they are selling legally, or else delete their listing within 48 hours to avoid further action being taken against them.

Making a Buyer’s Complaint with Amazon

If you went through the preceding steps and did not receive a response from the hijacker, and they did not remove their listing, you must go to the following stage in the procedure.

This procedure allows you to demonstrate to Amazon that the hijacker has not accurately posted their product on Amazon, or that they are selling a product that does not match the description, or that they are selling a counterfeit product.

To accomplish this, you must conduct a test purchase. You must have created an Amazon buyer account. Make the buyer account’s information distinct from those in your seller account so that the hijacker does not identify you.

You may then place a purchase, and when you receive the product, you will be able to determine if it is genuine or not.

It is critical to photograph and document the whole process of receiving and opening the product. These images will be crucial in any correspondence you have with Amazon.

If the product does not correspond to the description or is a counterfeit, you can contact Amazon Seller Performance and file a complaint using your Amazon buyer account. As a result, the seller will be contacted by Amazon.

You will need to provide:

  • The ASIN/ISBN of the page for the item as well as the correct product title.
  • The full and correct name of the store or seller that you are reporting.
  • Order ID from the order that you made for the Test Buy.
  • Photos of the item(s) you received in the Test Buy showing that the item did not match the description.
  • A list confirming how the Test Buy item is different from the listing (which should be linked to the photos).
  • A list of dot points stating the details of the complaint against the seller because the item is not as described.


Hijackers are a sad reality of Amazon. They will hijack Amazon listing after Amazon listing in order to make money.

It is an attack on your hard work, and while getting rid of a hijacker may be difficult, it is worthwhile to do so. If you protect your listing as much as possible, they may leave you alone. However, you must exercise caution so that you do not lose money.

Amazon is a competitive but attractive marketplace where you may make a good income if you take the correct strategy.

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