Amazon FBA New Selection Program, Huge Advantage for New Sellers

Amazon FBA New Selection Program

For a limited time, the FBA New Selection Program  provides “free sponsored advertisements, promotional clicks, shipment, storage, removals, and returns on qualifying, new products.” Amazon launched this new feature on April 1, 2021, ostensibly to assist new sellers and products in their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) facilities.

How can I qualify for Amazon FBA New Selection?

To be eligible to enrol, you must meet a few high-level prerequisites. Remember that you may register even if you are ineligible, so be sure you meet the eligibility requirements to be authorized for this program.

Check out the Amazon website directly for a more in-depth look at the program’s terms and conditions.

Amazon specifies the following qualifying conditions for Amazon sellers that want to participate in the program.

  • You must be a Professional Seller.
  • Those with an IPI (Inventory Performance Index) score must have a greater than 400.
  • You are still eligible if you are new to FBA or have not yet been issued an IPI.
  • You must be eligible when FBA warehouses receive the first new-to-FBA unit.

When units of each eligible ASIN arrive at a fulfilment center, sellers must retain eligibility based on all of the characteristics indicated above. These criteria will be reviewed daily in your account. For instance, if your IPI score falls below 400, you will be kicked out of the program (until your score improves back above 400).

What are the advantages of the FBA New Selection Program?

Amazon’s ultimate objective is to promote FBA since it saves sellers money during new product launches. On these particular ASINs, a seller enjoys the following program benefits:

  • Monthly storage fee exemptions and free deletions for standard-size ASINs
  • There are no monthly storage costs and no removal fees for large ASINs.
  • Additional advantages for clothing and footwear
  • $200 in promotional sponsored ad clicks (new FBA sellers only)
  • Shipping is discounted by $100. (new FBA sellers only)

Eligible ASINs are also qualified for free return processing on the first 50 units in regular sizes, 20 or 30 teams in oversize, and 100 units in clothes and shoes. Of course, there are some additional conditions to qualify for any of these perks, but it provides sellers with a considerable advantage when launching new products!

Why should I sign up?

As we’ve discussed throughout this essay, there are several reasons why sellers should participate in the FBA New Selection Program, but here are our top three:

1. It’s free to join!

When was the last time you discovered an Amazon program that didn’t demand a financial investment? Okay, maybe Brand Registry. Consider features such as discounts, Transparency(opens in new tab), or Vine! All of these initiatives need some extra expenditure in addition to the Amazon fees you currently pay.

Joining the New Selection program is free, so take advantage of it, particularly if you want to offer new products in the future. You never know when they could decide to discontinue this program (Looking at you, Seller Fulfilled Prime).

2. It is a low-risk method of testing and launching new products.

You receive free storage, returns, and removals for up to 50 pieces of any standard size product. Fifty units are an ideal test batch to see if your product has “legs” and perform for you. You may send in more than 50 of these things, but the free advantages only apply to the first 50.

Remember that these are just for brand-new Amazon Parent ASINs, so you can’t use this program to test-launch a new pattern/colour/size of a current product listing.

3. New FBA sellers are eligible for advertising credit.

Amazon is giving advertising money away! During the start of your business, think about how important $100 in ad spend was. Who doesn’t accept free money?

Advertisement is becoming more and more important as part of launching a product on Amazon. Even if it isn’t from your own money, every dollar makes a difference.

As a whole, this is a great new feature that sellers should try out right away! Since they closed the Early Reviewer Program, Amazon has been trying to help sellers get their products out into the world (opens in new tab). Enrollment is easy, and keeping your eligibility is the only thing you need to do to grow a successful business on Amazon.

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